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How Buy Flooring Leads works

A homeowner goes to one of our sites and requests information about how much their flooring installation will cost.  In the form they fill out they have the option of asking for a quote or more information from a qualified flooring contractor in their area.  That’s where you come in.  All leads from our sites post here, and only here, where you can search through and pick the ones you want.  After checkout the lead contact information is emailed to you, along with the page URL the lead originated from…this will help you in explaining to the lead how you happened to receive their contact information.


It’s that simple…no hoops for you to jump through, no complicated systems, and you get what you pay for.  Better yet, because our leads are generated via search engine optimization we can offer them to you significantly less expensive than other affiliate networks out there.  Our flooring leads are a flat $25 each, and for a limited time only we are offering leads at $15. Try it out and buy your flooring leads here today!!

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